The Electronic Community Connection program is a platform that facilitates communication between service providers and those who need their services. This electronic program has been designed to expand the competition process in providing services (in-kind) to civil society organisations specifically, and other similar institutions and organisations. It is expected that this program will contribute to improving the quality of the services provided, developing a larger variety of service providers and reducing their prices. This program also contributes to the institutionalization of procurement processes in various institutions and organisations, uses time more efficiently in purchasing various services and eases the implementation of the procurement process. This program also seeks to expand the partnership and decision-making processes within organisations and enhance its transparency by facilitating internal control and involving various functional levels in monitoring the process of procurement, starting from its design until it is received by the organisations.


This program handles purchases at two levels, as the following:




Security and reliability:

This program’s administration seeks to maximize its security reliability. Therefore, this program has a certificate (), in information security. Please click here to read the details on reliability and privacy.



The subscription fee for this program is free for civil society organisations (charities), and free for the first year for service providers, including individuals and companies.


Proceeds from the program

Any proceeds obtained from this program shall be first allocated to its development, to the work of the Association developing it and to the work of charitable organisations participating in it. This program does not seek to achieve profit for the purpose of sharing it with individuals or for personal benefits.